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This blog is dedicated to have you look at something that we as a species have forgotten, that is learning to “read your own book”. The story of all humanity is inside you. The same problems you have now are the same problems that we have had throughout the ages.

Internal Psychology and Building a Dynasty

I have been coaching teams for over 35 years. One of the most difficult things to understand is why, in most situations, the coach, the GM and the owners don’t understand the complexity of building a dynasty. Dynasty-building isn’t something that is controlled by...

Conflict and the Need for Change

At the heart of every human being there is the fundamental need for change. The only problem is this change within our consciousness must come about through the process of insight. Most human change that happens now is the same as it has been in our past; we seem to...

Parenting is One of Life’s Blessings

Parenting is one of the greatest things we do as human beings. Parents truly have a chance to really make an impact in this world. However, parenting is such a difficult task that very few people want to do it or can afford to do it because they have to work to earn a...


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